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Payment Gate – Your Electronic Records Partner.

About two years ago, while we sat in a room thinking about what contributions we’d ever make in regards to financial inclusion and sustainability as a whole across the continent, we came up with a list of about 23 ideas.


On the list we’d thought about, two of them stood out as the craziest. These inventions have to date been the most fulfilling for me in specific.


Chapeo Wear.

Two of our most admired leaders Abdullahi Bulle – CEO Nuria and Jasper Ochieng our Group CEO came up with what was to add as much value in the boda-boda space as the introduction of helmet vests, meant each passenger feeling comfortable to have their helmets on their heads each time they travelled on a bike.


A journey that lasted about 9 hours from JKIA with a few minutes stop over in Hanoi Vietnam led our leadership to Guangzhou, third largest Chinese city behind Shanghai and Beijing. Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province of the People’s Republic of China.


Well, as if the long night trip and the airport wait was not enough punishment, language was truly a barrier that meant sign language needed to come into play. Product was later to land into the market but never saw the light of day thanks to some two other businessmen who worked at a logistics firm at the JKI airport who claimed infringement into their utility patents. Today the product has taken many forms with one entrepreneur pitching successfully to the Lion’s Den. Definitely down but no giving up!! – Failure is fertilizer for success as my preacher says…


This never broke the spirit at all, in any case – Chapeo CapitalNuria and a long list of other companies were born.



Whereas Chapeo Wear was a transport safety and a hygiene product, BIRS was deeply at the heart of what our leadership had spent most of their working life doing. Financial Services at multinational commercial banks and a leading Telco.


Payment Gate Receipt
Payment Gate Receipt


This invention was definitely one that was approached with the most caution having learned from Chapeo Wear and also the fact that Fintech had its  fair share of disappointments for local inventors. “Techies from the East” are glorified at the expense of the local boy and girl struggling to make ends meet from an idea the only and best way they know it thanks to 8-4-4 and a few lucky lot in our team who managed either an American or British curricula.


A few of the Questions that needed be answered by the invention included?


  1. How often do we discard our PDQ receipts at a filling station? No option available to not print a copy for you? At least at an ATM machine the option exists but how many still run a quick balance check and fill up the litter bin right next?


  1. We all have an excuse that we need a proof of payment whenever we are faced with a digital mobile settlement option Vs Chq or a less environmentally friendly route?


  1. How do we therefore deal with tax inspection 5 years down the line having been on a prepaid KPLC arrangement at the office and you spent approximately 100k a week on buying token through most convenient Mpesa Paybill 888880?


  1. As you fuel your company car, as though the carbon releases as a result of the fuel combustion exersise is not enough, you still ask for a paper receipt for every such payment? Nature is unforgiving remember?


  1. You have to travel to make small deposits at banking hall just because you think by sending the funds vide mobile money options available to you won’t provide you that desired evidence of your deposits?


The convenience in terms of time that can be allocated to building an economy today and your contributions to a greener environment, job opportunities to the millions of our brothers and sisters within our borders who truly depend on mobile money transfer; these can never be over emphasized.


Payment Gate Receipt
Payment Gate Receipt

This solution’s Communications benefit is definitely something to ride home about right?


Unlike the current paper Receipts, not much can be communicated on it in addition to the fact that it’s thrown into the nearest litter bin immediately.


The interactive solution on the receipt would definitely offer any business a great opportunity to further grow and draw more value from their customers and prospects.



Think about this,

  • Ever thought how easy life can be with each one of us having an assistant to send to the Bank at a zero cost?


  • Not thinking of whether they’ll deliver the cash without losing it?


  • No wasting time in traffic and not even wasting any more time in the Banking hall on the queue?


  • Be it Back to school and you need to pay school fees, Electricity bill, Water bills, Taxes, Pay rent, sacco Loan, Investment Contributions? Or buying a plot for your family house? Think of any payment under the sun!!



The invention to a very high extend if not fully – gets you covered on all these.


  • Pay any of your bills and do your Banking anywhere, anytime and get an electronic receipt which is fully tamper proof and universally verifiable in seconds. If need be, Send a copy to the school or person you are paying and keep your copy without any worry of where to file the hard copy – everything is now digital – including your filling and no more kula school fees you know??.


  • All this without interrupting your schedule.


What’s more – join hands in consolidating the gains in financial inclusion and save the planet from carbon emissions when driving to the bank and unnecessary paper uses when filling those bank forms –


Jameni Kwa Pamoja Twaweza Kuangamiza utumiaji mbaya wa makaratasi – tuna suluhu mbadala kutoka Payment Gate LLP”



Through this invention, we literally move to the next level in as far as #MobileMoneyPayments is concerned as it enables proof of payment for bills paid through our leading mobile money wallets verifiable anywhere in the globe through its universal verifiability feature.


Take for instance ( scanning the QR code from any QR reader, an accounts officer at United Nations HQ in Geneva is able to within seconds authenticate a payment done by a UN officer at Kakuma in Turkana county and issue reimbursement for the expenses incurred.


The possibilities are just infinite.


Challenge yourself today and let’s move the human race forward.


Happy and Blessed 2018



  • Nina Kawira

    Great stuff

    • Jandal Repsaj

      Thanks ?

  • Kim

    We soldier on!! Good stuff bro.

    • Jandal Repsaj

      Thanks a lot for your encouragement. Without the great support from you and the team, I cannot even comprehend ??

  • Abdullahi Bulle

    Great stuff Bro. We will never give-up

    • Jandal Repsaj

      Resilience ?
      Great Stuff ahead ?

  • Nimrod Muthuri

    Great initiative

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