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Watch Kibo Capital Group CEO sharing insights at CNBC Power Lunch

Watch Kibo Capital Group CEO sharing insights at CNBC Power Lunch.

Kibo Capital’s Chapeo seeks to Financially empower the East African unbanked population by 2020


Chapeo™ Powered by Kibo Capital Group Ltd, is a financial solutions provider that leverages on technology to unlock time value within our hands.

Chapeo™ provides short term credit solutions, employee advances, payroll processing functionalities and bill payment options at the convenience of ones workstation through the mobile phones.

The solution looks to minimise cashflow interruptions for small and medium sized businesses while at the same time ensuring no lose of man hours from the inconveniences that come with employees having to visit specific physical locations in search of advances to settle bills.

The business proposition for the small sized business category is unmatched.


Kenya as a country, has had substantial impact globally in as far as enhancement of financial services access through a successful mobile money platform and payments solutions are concerned.

This success has enabled a sizeable proportion of her adult population gain access to formal financial services via mobile phones. It is however worth noting that this has not resulted in full financial inclusion for the population and especially for the low and middle income segment which continues to lack access to affordable and sustainable credit facilities.

Through Chapeo™ teams’ strong believe in getting to solve global problems, we embarked on a journey that put together the best in the world technology under the Global Sustainability Partners for Africa umbrella to build solutions and products that further create additional value and positive sustainable contribution in the same space.

Through our special products for Women in the society, our believe in women empowerment not only as a sure promise for a better tomorrow but also a guarantee for a sustainable society continues to motivate us towards continued focused innovation and investments in our mothers.

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